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Healthy people better savers, says Legal & General

16 September 2005
People who live a healthy lifestyle have a healthier bank balance to match, a survey by insurance company Legal & General has found.

Not surprisingly, over half of respondents who followed strict fitness regimes were found to be better savers than the 17 per cent who took no exercise and failed to eat a balanced diet.

Marketing director at Legal & General Insurance, Garry Skelton commented: "The number of people who have made the connection between balancing a healthy diet with regular exercise is still low - let alone taking this to the next stage and realising that there should be a balance between health and financial matters."

Over half of respondents admitted to having an unbalanced diet, which was reflected in the inconsistency of their saving behaviour, with three quarters failing to save regularly.

People who came out as the top savers were those who admitted to exercising and eating a healthy diet only to look good. Over 90 per cent of them resisted dipping into their savings at all.

The 17 per cent who admitted to being totally unfit hardly ever saved, and half of the 22 per cent who admitted to being fitness fanatics were in control of their finances and saved regularly.

Throughout the 1990s scientists at the University of Warwick followed 9,000 UK families in order to study the links between mental health and wealth.

They found that winning as little as £1,000 could change a person's outlook on life, but that a strong marriage and good physical health were more likely to make people happy than lots of cash.

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