High interest rates 'may get people saving'

20 August 2007
The increase in the interest rates over the past year may result in people saving, according to a financial advisory firm.

According to Christie Scotts, consumers looking for "instant gratification" from their finances see little point in saving when rates are low.

Conversely, the current monetary climate in the UK means that people may be looking to put some money away for the future - just in case.

Research from Birmingham Midshires shows that the average amount of savings held by Britons was £910 in the second quarter of 2007, compared to £1,376 in the same period of 2006, according to the Independent.

However, Julie Hedge, spokesperson for Christie Scotts, claimed that this may have a positive effect.

She said: "More people may be inclined to save when interest rates are higher."

Personal debt may also play a part in people's financial woes.

Money charity Credit Action has estimated that the UK currently carries a combined bill of £1.3 trillion.

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