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IVAs an alternative to bankruptcy, says expert

26 September 2007
People struggling with serious debt problems continue to turn to individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) as an alternative to bankruptcy, according to one expert.

Stephen Rose, director of the Debt Advice Bureau, said that people are able to "retain greater autonomy" in their lives with an IVA than if they were to file for bankruptcy.

Under an IVA, people with sufficient assets can eventually pay off all the money they owe and the administrative costs of setting up the agreement, Mr Rose stated.

"There are certainly cases where people pay back not just everything they owe, but more than they owe through an IVA, because they have the money and the assets," he explained.

If money owed during the term of the arrangement increases, then payments consequently increase because people are paying back their creditors "everything" they have left, he added.

Wayne Harrison, spokesperson for the Insolvency Practitioners Association, recently said that IVAs enable people to "start afresh".

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