International banks 'may reassure overseas retirees'

13 August 2007
Taking an account with an offshore money institution will stand retirees in good stead during their time abroad, it has been claimed.

According to NatWest, a number of high street banks offer UK and international services, so expatriates do not have to switch once they move.

The bank added that the features on offer to them will not be the only thing of value, as the recognised brand names could also be reassuring to Britons.

Head of international private banking at NatWest Julian Gouge commented on the benefits of a transcontinental bank account.

"Not only is there [an opportunity] to do useful things in foreign currencies, but [they can] actually do some of those very mundane things you need to do, like pay some of the bills back in the UK," he said.

This comes after expatriate magazine ShelterOffshore recommended that those living abroad keep their home bank accounts open.

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