Internet bankers more in control

25 May 2006
Research from high street bank Alliance and Leicester shows that 44 per cent of all Britons who conduct their finances and banking online feel in complete control.

By managing their money at their own convenience, online banking customers are able to keep on top of their money better.

Around 44 per cent of people with bank accounts use internet banking facilities at least twice a week, whereas of those who rely on visiting a branch in person, just three per cent visit at least twice a week.

"Logging on to your internet banking account gives you immediate, 24 hour access to the up-to-date status of your finances," said Helen Palmer, Alliance and Leicester's current accounts manager.

"You can keep track of your in and out-goings, which means you have a clearer idea of where you stand and so can easily avoid going into the red by mistake."

Online banking has risen by nearly two-thirds since 2003. The number of people in the UK who use the internet for financial purposes is now over 14 million.

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