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Lack of credit history 'may be a problem'

08 August 2007
A person with no credit history may find it difficult to borrow money or make large purchases, it has been claimed.

Research from Experian has found that a consumer without a charted financial background can face problems due to the fact that lenders have nothing on which to base their decision.

It added that the number of people choosing not to register on the electoral roll is also a hindrance, as this is a prime method of assessing a person's reliability.

And James Jones, consumer affairs manager for the firm, commented that banks prefer people with a plotted monetary past.

"Lenders do like that proven track record and it can be difficult to get going if you've just turned 18 or moved to the UK from overseas," he said.

Regardless of this perceived difficulty, the UK has picked up £1.3 trillion in personal debt, according to money charity Credit Action.

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