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Last 5 years sees 41% increase in school fees

30 July 2007
Private school fees have increased at more than twice the level of inflation over the last five years, it has been reported.

According to research from Halifax Financial Services, costs have risen 41 per cent in this period and by six per cent in the last 12 months.

The company also worked out that the average worker in only 13 professions can pay to put their child through such an education this year, compared to 23 in 2002.

Martin Ellis, chief economist for the company, outlined the situation.

"The average earner in a number of occupations, including engineers, journalists and teachers, can no longer afford private education for their offspring," the expert commented.

And it may be that, with the cost of tuition fees to attend university increasing recently, fewer people look to go into higher education in the future.

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