Lloyds TSB makes internet banking safer

27 September 2005
Lloyds TSB is offering free spyware scans to customers logging onto the bank's website.

Customers logging on to the Lloyds TSB site will now get a free PC security scan after a new survey conducted by the bank found that over half of customers have fallen foul of a computer virus.

A spokesperson for Lloyds TSB, said: "The impact of a computer virus can be extensive and in some cases result in a compromise of PC security.

"The free security scan we are offering will identify any potentially suspicious spyware customers may have on their computer and give them the opportunity to purchase and update their security software conveniently and at a reduced price."

Seventeen of people surveyed said they were "very worried" about internet security but many did not have any anti-virus security on their PCs.

Reasons for having no anti-virus installed ranged from the software being too expensive to not knowing enough about it to purchase any.

The Office for National Statistics found that more men than women are inclined to install virus-checking programs on their computers.

However, the majority of internet users failed to use a password to protect their computer systems from internet viruses.

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