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Lloyds TSB urges internet banking users to step up PC security

21 April 2005
Lloyds TSB internet banking is urging computer users to ensure their PC is fully secure when banking online.

The bank points towards new research revealing that more than half (54 per cent) of computers have caught a virus at some time or other, potentially affecting the machine's performance and the safety of online transactions.

According to Lloyds TSB, one in ten computer owners have never updated their anti-virus software, and a worrying quarter of users have only updated once or twice.

Yet regular anti-virus updates are absolutely necessary to protect against ever-mutating virus and Trojan strains.

"At Lloyds TSB, we use the highest levels of industry-standard security so customers can access their accounts online with the utmost confidence," said Matthew Timms, internet banking director at Lloyds TSB.

"But while we are doing everything we can to make our security watertight, we also urge all of our customers to think carefully about the measures they have taken to protect their PC. This means regularly updating their anti-virus software and ensuring they have a robust firewall."

On a positive note, 94 per cent of the internet users surveyed by the bank did say that they believed internet security was important.

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