LloydsTSB: Online card fraud rising

25 April 2006
Leading high street bank LloydsTSB has warned credit card holders to be extra vigilant as online card fraud is rising all the time.

Although banks are continually upgrading their software and technology to afford customers the greatest protection, many people do not protect themselves on their own PCs.

With chip and PIN technology now being brought into shops, to provide the same kind of fraud protection as it does at ATMs, the internet is the next area for fraudsters to focus on.

Amy Waldron, a spokesperson for LloydsTSB, says that banks can only do so much.

"We do what we can and constantly improve our technology," she said, "[but] we need to explain to customers about protecting their PC."

"It is not visible fraud so people are a bit more complacent," Ms Waldron continued. "It is similar to the car crime campaigns – lock the doors on your PC."

Internet card fraud is slowly becoming more of a focus as banks try to encourage people to learn more about it, especially as the internet is increasingly being used for everyday transactions.

'Phishing' scams, where fraudsters trick internet users into disclosing their bank or card details via a duplicated bank email, are now more commonplace than ever.

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