M&S Money: Brits hiding £1 billion

01 November 2005
Thousands of Brits have foreign currency worth £1 billion lying about their homes, says M&S Money.

M&S Money says 80 per cent of Brits bring home £16 each every time they come back from their summer holidays - and never change it back into sterling.

Around a third of those hoarding foreign currency bring back over £50 in foreign notes and coins every time they go on holiday.

David Mackay, commercial director at M&S Money, said: "This year, 14 million travellers brought home at least £50 from their trip abroad."

"If they changed it back rather than forgetting about it, they could put the money towards a deposit on their next holiday or a short break," he added.

Over three-quarters of Brits said they "forget" to change back their leftover currency, while six in ten claim they will use their foreign notes and coins in future trips.

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