Miss a cuppa or bank online to save time, First Direct suggests

07 April 2005
We're all looking for ways to save time as we take on more and more day-to-day tasks. Research from First Direct suggests that drinking less tea or banking online could be the best way to do it.

According to the bank's research, the average British parent has just 51 minutes a day left for activities that don't include eating (taking up 1 hour 24 minutes a day on average), working (8 hours 42 minutes), doing household chores (2 hours 15 minutes) and spending time with their children (2 hours 18 minutes).

With time at such a premium, it may come as a surprise that, according to the bank, the average First Direct customer spends just nine minutes a week managing their finances online - five times less than the average 42 minutes most British people spend every week on making cups of tea.

"Short of combining some disparate activities - like sleeping at work or eating your children - the way to manufacture time is to shorten unnecessary time-wasting activities," Richard Kimber, chief executive of First Direct, explains.

"In essence, it's not so much about us being available around the clock, it's more about removing any barriers between us and our customers, including the barrier of time."

First Direct claims that banking online can save you up to a day and a third per year - and just think what you could do with that.

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