Money matters, says Legal & General Insurance

14 October 2005
Debt, overspending, and raiding the savings account cause the most arguments in the home according to a new survey by Legal & General Insurance.

The insurance provider found that while people still argue over the TV remote control and walking the dog, money caused the most ructions in UK households.

Marketing director at Legal & General, Garry Skelton, said: "According to the research it would seem that a happier home life may be achieved if a good lifestyle is balanced with being in control of money matters so arguments are least likely.

"Those who have not struck a balance between diet and exercise and money worries would appear to argue the most."

The survey found that 16 per cent of Brits fight over money compared to 13 per cent who fight over laziness and 11 per cent who argue about demands from kids.

According to a survey by Egg Money this week, Brits spend £200 million a year that they cannot account for.

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