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More Than dog no longer Lucky

09 May 2005
At the end of last week, More Than was sad to announce that the star of its memorable television adverts, Benson, passed away.

Better known as Lucky in his advert role, Benson starred in more than twenty More Than commercials, and will be much missed by bank staff and customers alike.

Benson, aged 12, died peacefully after a short battle with cancer. He had played the part of Lucky since More Than launched in June 2001.

"Benson brought real humour to the role of Lucky and he will be truly missed by all of us at More Than," said Mike Tildesley, marketing director at More Than.

The talented acting dog was a favourite with More Than staff and frequently appeared at special events for the bank. More Than will be presenting his owners with a memorial to their special pet.

The bank is looking for a new dog to take on Benson's crown. It intends to find another rescued dog, following the success of Benson, who started life in a rescue centre.

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