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Nationwide: Customers face massive ATM bill

14 November 2005
UK cardholders could pay up to £250 million to withdraw cash from ATMs next year, says Nationwide.

Research by the building society revealed there has been a 16 per cent increase in charging cash machines in the UK since last year - and the number looks set to rise.

Nationwide executive director, Stuart Bernau, said: "There are fewer free cash machines than there were this time last year and more charging machines.

"If this pattern continues, there is a real possibility that free access to cash will not survive other than at bank and building society branches and a few other locations such as main post offices."

The building society is asking for greater "transparency" on ATM charges so customers are aware which machines charge and which do not.

Nationwide's research is set to be backed in parliament on 16th November as MPs meet in the House of Commons to discuss charging ATMs.

Nationwide recently announced that all of its ATMs will carry a green sign making it clear they do not charge customers for withdrawals.

The building society says cash machines who charge should carry a red sign so that customers are immediately aware they will have to pay to take out cash.

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