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Nationwide backs battle against charging ATMs

02 March 2006
Nationwide has welcomed the Citizens' Advice Bureau's (CAB's) campaign against ATM charges launched today.

The company also reiterated its call for the machines to carry clear "warning" style labels, which the CAB is backing.

Nationwide wants fee-charging machines to have a red sign as standard, with free machines given a green sign to clearly indicate the distinction.

Nationwide agrees with the CAB that charging for cash withdrawals is unfair, discriminating particularly against people on lower incomes, who may then need to travel to access their cash for free.

Executive director, Stuart Bernau, commented: "Day by day consumers' right to access cash for free is being eroded by the rapid growth in charging machines.

"We want to see clear signs on all cash machines, telling you at a glance whether a machine is free or not and we welcome the CAB's backing."

Citizens' Advice argues that people on lower incomes are also more likely to need to access smaller quantities of cash on a number of occasions.

However, the country's 23,000 charging machines make no distinction between a £10 and £100 withdrawal, imposing a standard £1.50 fee regardless.

David Martin, head of campaigns at the charity, said: "Charges for using cash machines are excessive, unfair and on the increase.

"We think banks and cash machines should always display clear warnings about when charges will be imposed and how much these will be."

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