Nationwide offers children 'Smart' choice

15 April 2004
Nationwide yesterday announced changes and a merger of its accounts aimed at children.

Their two accounts specially designed for those under the age of 17, Smart 2 Save and Smart Account, will now merge and simply be known as Smart.

The new Smart account has been introduced with immediate effect. The account, which can be opened with just one pound, offers a competitive 4.4 per cent annual interest rate.

It operates as a passbook based account: Nationwide write to account holders when they reach 11 years olds, offering them the opportunity to receive a cash card.

The building society offers two different welcome packs, one for under 12s, and one for over 12s. They are full of money-off vouchers, a welcome magazine, advice on how to save, and fun goodies for the younger ones.

The under 12s pack also offers information on the Smart adopted Golden-Headed Lion Tamarind monkeys at London Zoo.