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No Christmas bonus for Brits

21 December 2005
Almost three-quarters of Brits are not expecting a Christmas bonus, research from the One account has revealed.

The mortgage provider says a Christmas bonus could help towards mortgage payments or boost savings but most Brits will not get one.

Debbie Milsom from the One account said: "Although there have been many reports of six-figure bonuses in the City it seems that the majority of people are not expecting a year end bonus."

However, the One account found that the majority of people who do get bonuses will not save them and will instead blow the lot within one month of receiving them. Only nine per cent said they would put it into savings.

Men were more confident of their Christmas than women, with the average expected bonus for men coming out at £1,600 while women were less confident and only expected half that amount.

However, independent property analyst John Charcol says Brits should not use their bonus to overpay on their mortgages in case they incur a penalty charge.

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