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People in the UK 'are not money organised'

13 August 2007
People are not as organised as they should be when it comes to their finances, according to a money charity.

Credit Action has claimed that this is evidenced by the number of bank accounts lying dormant around the UK but added that there may be a number of reasons why this is the case.

Moving house, family changes or divorce can see money left behind, but a little more organisation can ensure people make the most of their finances, it added.

"Banking is a little bit more complex than it was certainly 100 years ago when the bank was on the local high street," said Chris Tapp, Credit Action deputy director.

"Most people have two or three bank accounts dotted around."

Earlier in the year, Credit Action outlined the extent of the UK's personal debt mountain, adding that it totalled more than £1.3 trillion.

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