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Price of happiness is £10,000 each year

03 August 2007
The price of happiness has been calculated by a high street bank.

According to Abbey, it is £10,801 - the amount Britons spend on leisure pursuits each year.

It added that this amount gets spent on holidays, gadgets, hobbies and socialising and works out at around £29 per day.

The company also found that Britons value their leisure time so much that they would have to be paid nearly double the amount of their salary in order to give it up.

"Happiness certainly doesn’t come cheap. With the average Brit spending almost half of their annual wage on pursuits that make them happy, we place a high value on our leisure time," said Steve Shore, Abbey head of banking.

But the price we pay for leisure may come at a price.

Money charity Credit Action has claimed that the UK currently harbours a £1.3 trillion personal debt mountain.

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