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Prudential finds our love does cost a thing

09 June 2005
Money would seem to be the quickest way to your loved one's heart, according to research from Prudential.

The savings giant found that a staggering 25 per cent of British adults believe they know someone who is in a relationship solely because their partner is well-off.

Mercenary motives figure also in choosing a partner, with 37 per cent saying that a potential boy or girlfriend's financial situation is quite important, whilst more than a quarter (27 per cent) stated that it was very important.

Once in a relationship, money-hungry Brits are also accustomed to flashing the cash, with one in ten people admitting they have spent more than £800 on a single date to impress their intended.

"I'm not sure if the importance we place on money in relationships relates to us being shallow, for most it's probably more about being practical," said Angus Maciver, director of brand and insight at Prudential.

"Being financially secure, whilst not everything, certainly makes life and in many cases our personal relationships a lot easier."

Despite gender equality, the days of men paying for everything have not disappeared entirely: the research found that men could spend up to £453 on a single date, whilst women did not spend more than £176.

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