RBS acknowledges "incredible response" to ATM plan

01 August 2006
The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has said it has received a multitude of requests and suggestions for the placement of its planned rollout of 300 fee-free cash machines in less affluent areas of the UK.

The bank made the announcement late last week and said that in just the first few hours afterwards it had already received more than 50 suggestions from a broad cross-section of interested parties across the social spectrum.

Councillors, MPs, local retailers and even community residents have requested or suggested potential sites for the ATMs.

Gordon Pell, chief executive of retail markets at RBS, was quick to thank contributors and also welcomed the news that some of RBS' competitors were considering similar roll-outs of free machines.

"In just six hours we have had an incredible response from interested parties and it's encouraging to see the number of our competitors who are following our lead and have decided to launch their own efforts to help," he said.

"We believe that we are uniquely placed to deliver our initiative to the UK's neediest communities and look forward to hearing from even more communities who we can help.

"As we've said before, if there's a will in local communities to find suitable sites, we have a way to make it happen and ensure those with the greatest need have free access to their cash," Mr Pell concluded.

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