RBS to add 300 free cash machines in UK

31 July 2006
The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has announced it will be installing 300 new free-to-use cash machines in many of the least affluent areas of the UK.

The move is regarded as a response to the recent findings of the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), which issued a report last week claiming that many areas with the worst access to free ATMs are populated by poor or low-earning residents.

RBS currently operates the largest ATM network in the UK – over 6,300 machines nationwide.

"If there's a will in local communities to find suitable sites, we have a way to make it happen and ensure those with the greatest need have free access to their cash," said Gordon Pell, chief executive of retail markets at RBS.

"The initiative is designed to ensure that the most vulnerable in our society - the elderly, disabled, those of limited financial means or whose benefits constitute all or the bulk of their income - have free access to their cash close to their point of need."

Mr Pell said RBS would work in conjunction with local planners and MPs to establish the best and most suitable locations for the new cash points.

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