Royal Bank of Scotland extends mobile banking

09 November 2005
The Royal Bank of Scotland has added a new mobile banking service to rural Aberdeenshire, increasing the number of countryside communities it provides with banking facilities.

The bank now serves over 300 rural communities across Scotland who do not have access to high street banks.

Chief executive of retail banking at the Royal Bank of Scotland, Benny Higgins, said: "The Royal Bank of Scotland has a long tradition of providing customers throughout Scotland with innovative services and we are delighted that local communities in Aberdeenshire will benefit from the introduction of our new mobile banking service."

The Royal Bank of Scotland has 350 branches across the country and now operates a fleet of 14 mobile banks plus the Flying Bank which visits customers on the Orkney islands.

A spokesperson for the bank said the mobile branch network was "very important" for the rural communities it served.

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