Sainsbury's Bank unveils £3.5m fraud-fighting fund

30 August 2006
Sainsbury's Bank has announced a multi-million pound investment into increasing the security on its 885 ATMs to cut down on card skimming fraud.

The £3.5 million fund will go towards increasing the presence of CCTV and introducing a variety of anti-skimming devices on its cash machines.

Sainsbury's Bank claims its machines "are among the safest in the country" and hopes to add to its reputation by beefing up the security it provides for its customers using the machines.

ATM fraud is a growing problem and one that we take very seriously," said Kevin Barrett, head of channels at Sainsbury's Bank.

Mr Barrett claimed that the bank's focus on security, added to the fact that the machines do not charge a fee for withdrawing cash, has resulted in a 7.5 per cent increase in the number of withdrawals made from the supermarket chain's ATMs.

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