Save yourselves from financial misdemeanours

21 March 2005
A recently-published survey by the Scottish Widows has found that the majority of British people have been known to break the rules when it comes to money and finance.

Scottish Widows found that 86 per cent of the 2,100 UK adults polled admitted having perpetrated some kind of financial misdemeanour, with only a saintly 14 per cent having nothing to confess to.

Half of all adults confessed to failing to correct a shop assistant when knowingly undercharged, whilst a third admitted keeping money they found rather than trying to return it to its owner, Reuters reports.

Sins regarding people's own personal finances were even more heinous.

One in two adults said they did not save on a regular basis, one in five admitted being overdrawn before pay day, and one in eight said they threw away bank and credit card statements without opening them.

We are clearly a nation that needs saving from itself," said Anne Young, senior technical manager at Scottish Widows.

"It seems that we are all quite happy to turn a blind eye to a wide range of financial sins and bad habits, whether it is the mischievous tactics we employ to save a pound or two, or the fact we are failing to tackle our own personal finances."

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