Savers should switch to Halifax

24 October 2005
Savers can double their return by taking a more innovative approach to the savings account they choose and by taking advantage of a rate-beating account from Halifax.

A report by the Daily Mail found that the Halifax Children's Regular Saver's account is a great way to get a substantial return and a good interest rate.

The account has a competitive rate of ten per cent before tax for a year on savings from £10 to £100.

Halifax also offers a competitive market-beating rate of 4.5 per cent on all of its accounts, not just its kids' accounts.

The Halifax Regular Savings account pays 5.6 per cent for year for savings of a minimum of £25 and a maximum of £250.

At this rate, saving £100 a month for a year with Halifax pushes savings up to £1,236.40 after 20 per cent tax.

Recent reports have shown that competition is hotting up between banks as they battle to give the best rates and pull in more customers.

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