Savers undecided about election impact, finds Legal & General

26 April 2005
The latest Legal & General MoneyMood survey has found that British savers are divided about the impact the election will have on their savings.

The survey asked almost a thousand adults whether the outcome of the election would affect the amount of money they have to put towards their savings.

The proportion of those who answered yes or no was almost equal, with 47 per cent of respondents saying yes, and 46 per cent saying no (the remaining seven per cent said they didn't know).

Legal & General also found that the results were more or less consistent across age groups and social classes.

"The results suggest that the lack of attention from all the parties on how to recreate a saving culture in the UK may have pushed the issue out of people's minds," said Julia Clayworth, retail investment head of direct marketing for Legal & General.

"We think there should be a greater focus on encouraging people to save from all political parties."

The results are certainly encouraging, however, with almost half the respondents indicating that they would continue to save in spite of political changes on and after May 5th.

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