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Savvy travellers will have broad horizons

26 May 2006
With the pound losing value in the Euro Zone, the Royal Bank of Scotland has advised travellers to look at longer haul flights for better exchange rates.

Over the past year, Sterling has weakened against the Euro and so tourists who are looking at travel within the continent will not receive a preferential exchange rate on their spending money.

"During the last 12 months, fluctuations in exchange rates mean that some preferred holiday destinations no longer offer the value for money they once did," said Douglas Gowan, head of travel money for The Royal Bank of Scotland.

"However, whilst some rates have fallen, many long haul destinations continue to offer great or improved value for money and travelling further afield may prove more cost effective for your holiday spending."

The value of the pound against the US dollar has also fallen in recent months, which may also lead to British tourists looking at North American destinations outside the States – the country of choice last summer.

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