Some ATMs still not complying with charging rules, says LINK

11 April 2006
Nationwide cash machine operator LINK has issued its follow-up report on last November's investigation into ATMs that do not give users advanced warning of charges for using their machines.

The rules governing cash machines that charge for withdrawals state they must all have at least three warnings of charges, two of which must be visible prior to inserting the card, on the idle screen of the machine and in a separate sign.

Although LINK found that the vast majority of ATMs were now in compliance with these rules, several, including eight Travelex machines and two TRM machines, still fell short of the required standards.

Edwin Latter, the scheme director, said: "The LINK ATM scheme is committed to full transparency of charges at cash machines that surcharge."

However, building society Nationwide condemned the fact that some operators were still breaking the rules, claiming it was "unacceptable" that consumers were likely to pay £250 million this year on ATM fees.

"The rapid growth of charging cash machines is hitting consumers in the pocket and making huge profits for the operators," said Nationwide's executive director Stuart Bernau.

"We want to see further transparency improvements, including standardised signs on all cash machines so that consumers can see at a glance whether or not they will be charged."

Non-compliant operating members have ten days to respond or face disconnection from the network. Further random surveys are also expected in the coming months.

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