Standard Life finds Britons beat Blue Monday with better finance

23 January 2007
British savers determined to beat their financial woes are battling 'Blue Monday', a Standard Life survey has revealed.

The third Monday in January has been christened the unhappiest day of the year by psychologists thanks to the potent mix of miserable weather, Christmas debt and a long wait until summer holidays.

But the Standard Life index showed that clearing debts and achieving financial security were Britons' third and fourth priorities towards getting happier – more important than getting married or retiring.

Last year financial capability ranked only eighth out of the top ten strategies to get happy.

"The research shows a really positive shift in attitudes towards financial management," Standard Life marketing manager Ashley Ramsay commented.

"While people acknowledge that money won't buy happiness, they're realising that it can get in the way."

But some people's Mondays are likely to be bluer than others, with respondents in the south-east and London in 10th and 11th place among the regions when polled for optimism about 2007, perhaps due to financial pressures such as higher house prices, mortgages and living costs

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