Students working to fund university life, says NUS

26 September 2007
The National Union of Students has defended those students who take on paid work while attending university.

Responding to a new report by the Higher Education Policy Institute which found that British students spend fewer hours actually studying than those in Europe, Wes Streeting, education vice president of the NUS, said this was only part of the issue.

Speaking to Independent Radio News, Mr Streeting said that the report needed to be "taken in context", claiming that students take on an average of 15 hours of paid work a week in order to "finance their studies".

Highlighting the financial problems faced by students recently, a spokesperson for the NUS said that the student maintenance loan ought to be increased to enable students to "live on it".

More students are taking on paid work, she said, suggesting that this may be to have enough money to afford the "essentials".

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