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Support Red Nose Day as 22% of Brits cutback on charity donations

13 March 2009 / by Rebecca Sargent
Today is Comic Relief's Red Nose Day, and as millions prepare to 'Do Something Funny for Money' is urging people to give generously, despite the recession.

A recent survey from* has revealed that since the credit crunch began, 22 per cent of Brits have had to cutback on the amount they give to charity.

Charities are not immune to a recession, and recent research from Rapidata has shown that in addition to cutting back on charity donations, more and more are cancelling their various direct debits to charities.

Furthermore, has discovered that if people found themselves with money left over at the end of each month, just one per cent would donate that cash to charity.

Commenting, spokesperson Rachael Stiles said: "It is disappointing that so many people have cutback on charity donations. Although it is understandable given the current financial climate, charities need the donations more now than ever.

"The fact that only one per cent of people would donate any extra cash they had to charity is concerning, but at least with Red Nose Day there are a number of products people can buy, which consequently donate money to charity."

This year Red Nose Day aims to cheer people out of recession blues with a day and night of comedy entertainment planned across the country.

Ms Stiles added: "As Brits cut back on trips to the cinema and eating out, what better way to spend a Friday night than at home in support of Red Nose Day? People could even donate the money they have saved by not going out.

"A one off donation of what you can afford to Red Nose Day does not have the same level of commitment as setting up a direct debit, but it still helps those who need it most during a recession.

"If charities fail to survive the recession, who will be there to support those who have been worst affected? Donations will make a difference, no matter how small the amount."

Comic Relief's Red Nose Day raises money to support a number of projects both in the UK and in Africa, ranging from children and young people to women and those affected by AIDS. actively supports a number of charities, including Five Talents and Bethany Children's Trust, both of which have projects based in Africa which aim to transform the lives of those who need it most, while Bulgarian Partners Trust intends to provide practical support and care for those in need.

Like Comic Relief, all of the charities supported by support long-term projects that help people to help themselves by empowering them with the means they need.


*Survey conducted by OnePoll for