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Tesco declares war on skimmers

28 June 2006
Supermarket giant Tesco is clamping down on cash machine 'skimmers' who defraud the company's customers out of millions of pounds each year.

The company's personal finance department has announced it will be rolling out £3 million-worth of advanced security measures to help safeguard its customers' details and security.

Store security, CCTV installations and internal anti-skimming devices will be implemented throughout the country at Tesco's 1,900-strong nationwide ATM network.

"ATM networks across the country are being increasingly targeted by fraudsters," said Duncan McKinnell, Tesco personal finance's director of operations. "£3 million is a worthwhile investment to protect our customer's hard-earned cash."

Statistics show that skimming accounted for over £95 million-worth of losses to customer accounts across the entire network of ATMs.

"Customers used our ATMs over 300 million times last year and we want every one of them to feel secure in their use," Mr McKinnell continued.

"We believe our investment, combined with our customer's own vigilance, will help us stay one step ahead of the fraudsters."

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