Text banking helps keep people out of debt

18 July 2007
Mobile phone banking services can play a role in effective debt management and increasing financial awareness, according to a spokesperson for first direct.

Rob Skinner suggested that the simplicity of text banking makes it an effective tool to help manage personal finances.

He explained that those who use text banking are able to set up alerts to notify them when they might go overdrawn.

"It helps them manage their money a little better, particularly when they are living busy lives and they haven't got time to check up on their banking every ten minutes," Mr Skinner said.

"The mobile phone is something which we carry around with us," he added, saying the gadget is "almost a remote control for our lives".

Around a third of first direct customers make use of text banking services offered by the bank, which sees some 2.6 million text messages delivered to people every month.

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