Yorkshire Building Society urges healthy savings habit

05 December 2006
When it comes to Christmas spending, thoughtful and inexpensive gifts beat lavish and impersonal ones according to new research, particularly when it comes to savings account balances.

A study by Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) found that 54 per cent of people would prefer a considerate present that costs less to one that is more expensive and less personal, which only two per cent of those asked found more attractive.

Media manager at YBS Tanya Jackson said: "We weren't surprised by these findings as they support our earlier research which indicated that men and women find debt and flashy spending a big turn off."

YBS said that both men and women are attracted to partners who are careful with money and have healthy savings habits.

Six out of ten women would date or have a long term relationship with a man who gave thoughtful inexpensive gifts, while less than three per cent of women are turned on by flashy grand gestures without thought behind them.

Between 46 and 47 per cent of men find the more considered gift approach desirable, in a short or long term relationship, with between two and one per cent preferring the lavish, less-considered gift approach.

YBS suggested that perfect, thoughtful Christmas presents include home-spa experiences and breakfast in bed vouchers.

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