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Young people need better financial education, says expert

28 September 2007
Greater financial education should be provided for young people in the UK, according to a spokesperson for a national debt helpline.

Becky Boden-Wilkes, a spokesperson for National Debtline, said that debt "isn't a bad thing" as most people use credit cards and personal loans to help them meet certain costs.

However, there needs to be more education on how financial products work, Ms Boden-Wilkes said, arguing that financial literacy is an important issue.

"It is important to learn how to budget and how to use credit responsibly," she said, adding that financial literacy and budgeting could potentially "make a massive difference".

According to statistics published by Credit Action, the UK's total personal debt reached £1,355 billion at the end of July.

The charity also noted that average consumer borrowing across credit cards, motor and retail finance, overdrafts and unsecured loans stood at £4,515.

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