Yummy mummies spend £6 billion keeping up with Angelina Jolie and Gywneth Paltrow

29 October 2007
Britain’s new mums are spending around £6 billion a year on Botox, beauty treatments and body conditioning in an attempt to regain their pre pregnancy figures as well as making sure their bundles of joy are wearing the latest baby fashions.

A survey conducted by online bank, Egg on Mumsnet.com has found that the cost of having a baby is soaring thanks to the pressure on new mums to snap back into shape while ensuring their new baby is the height of fashion.

The study revealed that the average spend is now at £939 – most of which goes on items before the arrival of a new baby closely followed by the latest technology or gadgets (19 per cent); designer highchairs (12 per cent); designer baby clothes (eight per cent) and bespoke furniture (seven per cent).

And while the majority or new mums (87 per cent) admitted buying new clothes and having their hair done shortly after the birth, 15 per cent perked themselves up with a trip to their beautician, 2.8 per cent went ahead and employed a personal trainer to help get back into shape and 0.3 per cent went for a Botox session. In an attempt to give themselves a confidence boost, 0.2 per cent went one step further and opted to go under the knife to have some form of cosmetic surgery.

The average spend for new mums came in at around £939 which includes all the latest baby accessories and of course the must-have make-over costing in the region of £123 - making a total of £1,062 each.

However, pressure to conform to the media image of the so called ‘yummy mummy’ has been cited as one of the main reasons that women are racing to shed their baby weight. One in five mums questioned admitted to being influenced by celebrity parents in the media with Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie taking the joint top spot as the most enviable new mums. Scary Spice, Mel B and Kerry Katona ranked as the least influential.

Alison Wright, Chief Marketing Officer at Egg, comments: “Certain life stages, such as having a baby, mean that we occasionally need a cash injection. Financially a new baby can cause havoc because of the combined burden of extra costs and reduced income. This is where a little bit of financial planning can go a long way ensuring new mums can enjoy being new mums without having to worry about money matters.”

A previous study calculated that parents will spend an astonishing £52,605 on their son or daughter before they turn five – however, according to the research by Pregnancy and Birth magazine, more than half of this is thought to go on childcare.

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