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Consumers' 'love affair' with credit cards: we just can't commit

12 December 2006
One in seventeen UK adults carry five or more credit cards, according to new research from

Eight per cent of men own five or more against only four per cent of women.

Meanwhile, around a third of consumers own three or more cards, with Londoners relying on them more than their compatriots – as many as 28 per cent in the capital hold three or more cards.

Sean Gardner, MoneyExpert chief executive, is concerned by "the British love affair with credit cards".

"People are kidding themselves if they rely on moving from one card to another just to avoid repaying their debt," he warns.

Anxieties around debt have accumulated over the past year and tend to peak at Christmas time when incentives to spend on gifts, decorating and socialising are high.

"Credit cards are becoming our biggest Achilles heel," Mr Gardner stressed.

Debt statistics compiled by Credit Action at the start of December show that Britain's personal debt is increasing by £1 million every four minutes.

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