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Credit cards hammered as Brits lead the high life, finds Virgin Money

20 December 2004
Fun-loving Britons swipe £29 billion a year through their credit cards to pay for socialising, Virgin Money has found.

The residents of the UK splash out £4,500 a year on socialising with friends and colleagues and two thirds of these do not budget for it.

"No one wants to be seen as the stay at home scrooge but pressure to be a party animal is taking a toll on our wallets. Brits today feel an increasing pressure to spend more and more money on nights out which is amassing more than a fifth of the average UK salary," said Scott Mowbray, of Virgin Money credit cards.

"For those already spent up on socialising, now could be a good time to review your spending and transfer to a card with a 0 per cent balance. And for those who intend to party over Christmas and beyond, look at cards with a low rate," he added.