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MORE TH>N says in-debt Britons are saying no to holidays

28 July 2005
Thirty per cent of Britons won't be going on holiday this year due to financial restrictions, according to research by MORE TH>N.

The study found that 31 per cent of those surveyed were saving money while another 30 per cent were paying off debts, leading to poor credit.

Apparently financial confidence is dropping due to an uncertain housing market future and interest rates momentarily on hold.

MORE TH>N has recently launched a credit card that could help some people go on vacation as well as give an incentive to get out of debt and bad credit.

While 41 per cent of respondents said they would use a savings account to fund a holiday, more and more people are opting to use credit cards.

Should holidaymakers be able to pay the debt incurred from a vacation funded by a credit card, the MORE TH>N card gives users a cash back return of 0.8 per cent on all purchases.

To find out about credit cards, click here .

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