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Marks & Spencer credit card is the new black

03 May 2005
It's timeless, classic and never goes out of fashion - Marks & Spencer (M&S) Money is harnessing the power of the colour black with its new &MORE black credit card.

Research commissioned by M&S Money reveals that British women have more than 550 million black items in their wardrobes, and confirms that black is just as fashionable a colour as five years ago.

According to the research, 38 per cent of women have a wardrobe dominated by black, adding 17 new black items of clothing and accessories to it every year.

The average woman has at least two pairs of black shoes, one must-have little black dress, four black tops, one black handbag and at least two pairs of black trousers.

Now the fashionable man and woman can extend their love of the colour black to their credit card.

"Be it reliable, timeless, easy-to-wear or even sexy, the colour black means so many things to so many different people and there is a certain kudos about it," comments Nick Bowyer from M&S Money's &MORE black credit card.

"The launch of the new &MORE black credit card means that people can add that extra cachet when shopping or paying their bills as well as enjoying the discounts and benefits the card offers."

The &MORE black credit card offers typical variable APR of 15.9 per cent as well as &MORE reward points earned on every purchase and savings of five per cent on M&S home, car, pet and annual travel insurance.

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