Provident Financial recommends sub-prime credit cards

15 June 2007
People who have a bad credit history are being advised to take advantage of sub-prime credit cards.

According to Provident Financial, the cards can offer the same benefits as an ordinary credit card and are ideal for those who may have had adverse credit history but are now "over that".

Spokesperson for the firm David Stevenson claimed there to be a "whole series" of people who would be unable to get a credit card from a bank because of "imperfect credit history".

"The credit card company may look at historical information and may not be prepared to believe that the customer has rehabilitated themselves," he said.

"There are people on low incomes who want low credit limits. Banks aren't really into the business of doing that."

He added that a sub-prime credit card gives people the opportunity to "rehabilitate" themselves and will also appeal to those on low incomes who only want a low credit limit.

Those who are having difficulty getting a loan from the bank can also obtain money through home credit, which is designed for people with lower incomes and does not penalise borrowers for missing repayments.

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