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TV show making British Housewives more Desperate, says Virgin Money

14 March 2005
Research from Virgin Money Credit Card has suggested that hit American TV show Desperate Housewives is increasing the pressure felt by British women to keep up appearances.

More than a quarter of the women interviewed by Virgin Money said they felt the show increased the pressure they felt to compete with their neighbours.

Indeed, British housewives are now spending a massive £5 billion on efforts to keep their personal appearance and that of their home and garden up with the Joneses - or the van der Kamps.

Bree van der Kamp may go a little far in manicuring her garden bushes, but housewives on this side of the pond also spend the largest chunk of their yearly £3,488 keeping up appearances spend on their home and garden, investing £1,633.

"While the Desperate Housewives are fictional characters, it seems that neighbourly relations in Britain are not a world away from Wisteria Drive," comments Scott Mowbray of Virgin Money Credit Card.

"Women do feel pressure to keep up with their neighbours and around a quarter are spending on their credit card to do so."

Mr Mowbray advises finding a card with a low rate if you're as houseproud as Bree van der Kamp and Gabrielle in the show.

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