World Cup 'compensation spending' to top £600m

06 June 2006
Football fans looking forward to this summer's World Cup are planning to spend a great deal of time watching the tournament progress.

Virgin Money suggests that devoted fans will pay for the privilege of watching the games and neglecting their partners for the month-long festival of football by splashing out £635 million on nights out to compensate for their lack of attention throughout June.

Fans will spend an average of 73 hours each watching games over the course of the World Cup but the partners of six million of those fans will be treated, with over a quarter saying they intend to spend up to £100 to atone for their guilt.

"It is cheaper for fans to stay at home and watch the World Cup on TV and they certainly intend to make the most of wall-to-wall football in June and July," said Virgin Money spokesman Scott Mowbray.

"Even if England go out early fans will still be glued to their TVs watching whoever is in the later stages," he continued.

"Those who are not football fans can console themselves that if their partner is a World Cup obsessive at least there will be a compensatory night out."

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