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Brits spend 5 weeks a year surfing the net

23 July 2007
Internet-prone UK broadband users spend up to five weeks a year online, more than they spend on real life socialising, says research from independent comparison site, uSwitch.

The research reveals that the average Briton spends six days a year socialising on the net, but there are as many as 780,000 broadbanders which are spending up to 24 days a year social networking – longer than eating and drinking (21 days a year), personal grooming (11 days a year), and socialising (22 days a year).

According to the research from uSwitch, half of all broadband users are logging onto sites such as Facebook, MySpace or MSN Messenger and 780,000 people are spending more time social networking online than in real life.

Other online activities have now fallen behind social networking as the most popular activity on the web, such as online banking (2 hours a week), shopping and downloading music (2 hours in total a week).

Despite the competitive broadband market, which nearly 13 million UK homes have invested in, and four million new subscriptions in the last 2 years, overpaying for broadband is still a common occurrence, with 6 in 10 people wasting as much as £749 million a year by paying over the odds for the privilege.

Steve Weller Head of Communications Services at comments: “It’s very exciting to see Britain taking broadband by the scruff of the neck and making full use of the online world in today’s demanding 24/7 environment. The uptake of broadband in the past few years has been nothing short of explosive and this will certainly continue, especially with the constant innovation in the market.

“The fast moving pace of the broadband market and increased competition in the industry sparked a price war over the past eighteen months. However, consumers need to vote with their feet to take advantage of these new deals and ensure they are not wasting money on more expensive packages.”

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