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Broadband TV and phone packages can save a bundle

19 August 2009 / by Andy Davies

Many Brits who fail to check the cost of their entertainment subscriptions and do not bundle their packages together could be missing out on saving hundreds of pounds.

According to moneysupermarket.com, the cost of broadband, mobile phone, landline, and pay-tv subscriptions have all fallen in the past 18 months, but 33 million people over the past year have failed to ensure their subscriptions are benefiting from the new prices.

This means 69 per cent of Brits are missing out on savings of up to £320 a year, according to the price comparison site, by not bundling services together with one provider. Meanwhile, 11 per cent of people are simply not bothered about switching their subscriptions, despite the savings to be made.

Commenting on these findings, James Patrick, broadband and mobiles manager at moneysupermarket.com, believes reviewing subscriptions could make a big difference to people's finances.

He said: "Our research has shown that those who had switched services in the last 12 months had saved almost £200 over that time - this makes a huge difference to the household wallet and could be used to pay for a treat for you and the family.

The figures show that 54 per cent of consumers are paying for services like broadband and pay-tv in separate packages, while around 61 per cent of consumers are satisfied with the service they receive, and so are unwilling to change their packages.

Mr Patrick explains: "Although standalone packages are coming down in price and offer great value, there are even more savings to be made when opting to receive all these services through one provider.

"Sky, Virgin and BT all offer great bundles to suit any household's needs. Whether it is every TV channel, superfast broadband or unlimited talk packages you are looking for, providers will be able to tailor a package to suit your needs."

He added: "I urge anyone who hasn't done so in the last 12 months to look at their subscriptions services to see where they could make some good savings."

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