Customers can pressure providers for cheaper broadband

26 June 2007
Almost half of the UK's broadband customers get broadband speeds just half as fast as those they are paying for, a survey from has shown.

With 44 per cent of people let down by broadband twice as slow as the advertised maximum, even the most consistently delivering package on broadband speed only serves 48 per cent of its users at full speed, the research found.

More than three in four Sky customers on the 'up to 16Mb' package only get speeds of up to 8Mb, the price comparison site found, while more than half of TalkTalk, Orange and BT customers get speeds of up to 4MB on their 8Mb packages.

"Line interference, the quality of wiring into and around your home … and the number of people sharing the same provider connection in your area at the same time affect broadband speed," explained Jason Lloyd, head of broadband at

Customers must look at the small print in their contracts to clarify what maximum speed their provider offers, he added.

But existing customers stand to gain by presenting their concerns to their provider, he added, with some likely to offer a free upgrade "to appease unhappy customers wherever they can".

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