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Cut down waste 'to save on energy bills'

23 August 2007
UK householders can cut down on energy bills and ultimately save money by reducing waste and taking a more environmentally-friendly approach to running a household.

Experts at Global Action Plan highlight a number of ways in which homeowners can effect positive environmental change in their lives while reducing energy usage and cutting back on waste.

These include the installation of energy efficient lightbulbs and the use of water-reduction devices in toilets, for example.

In committing to initiatives such as this it is thought that effective cost savings can be achieved while also benefitting the environment in general. Amy Sims, communications manager at Global Action Plan, emphasises the benefits on offer.

"Energy efficient lightbulbs last a lot longer so you have to think about them less - in the long-term it is a better investment," she states.

The Office of National Statistics reports that over 80 per cent of the population has at least one energy saving lightbulb in their home, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Find out how to cut your energy bills.

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