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Ecotricity proves Green energy credentials

11 March 2009 / by Rachael Stiles
When it comes to how much of each customer's bill an energy company spends on building new sources of green electricity, Ecotricity has come out on top.

Green energy company Ecotricity uses 100 per cent of each customer's bill on building renewable resources, compared to an average of three per cent of bills for the Big Six energy companies, and zero per cent of other companies which make claim to green credentials.

For the last five years, ecotricity has been at the top of table, measured by WhichGreen – a website which calculates the green credentials of each energy supplier, making it easier for the consumers to compare electricity suppliers by choosing an environmentally friendly company.

In 2008, Ecotricity spent an average £401.49 per customer on building renewable sources of electricity, more than any other energy company in the UK.

The second highest was just £102 per customer, by ScottishPower, followed by £38 per customer by Centrica, owner of British Gas.

EDF spent £16.31 per customer, and npower used just £4.38 of each customer's bill. And, contrary to their names, Green Energy UK and Good Energy spend nothing of their customers' bills on renewable electricity sources.

"In my opinion it’s a statistic that gets to the heart of the issues, cuts through the greenwash and spin of the Big Six and the small independents – it’s The Measure to me, of whether your deeds match your words," said Ecotricity founder and CEO Dale Vince.

"We can’t fight climate change or create energy independence for the UK unless we build new sources of green electricity" he continued.

"The UK has about 5 per cent today and needs say 50 per cent ASAP. Electricity companies must take responsibility for that, they supply the stuff. We all use it so we have responsibility too."

Ecotricity has been selling electricity from wind turbines and other renewable resources since 1996, and is the chosen electricity supplier of a number of brands which are associated with being environmentally-friendly, such as the Body Shop and the Co-operative Bank.

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